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Send unlimited emails without any restrictions. No more huge monthly cost, and no more monthly plans based on your subscribers.

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    If you have ever used mailing software like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, or Constant Contact, then you would know how costly these services become as the number of subscribers and emails increase in your campaigns. 

    Well here is the best solution you will ever need for your bulk email marketing campaigns. 

    We offer a
    free solution which is your very own personal Bulk Email Server.

    All you have to do is buy a domain and a VPS with 2GB RAM from VPS providers like OVH or any other provider of your choice.

    Then just share those details with us and we will set up your own bulk mailing solution 
    free of cost.


    • Very Low Cost.
    • Add Unlimited Subscribers/Contacts
    • Send Unlimited Campaigns and Newsletters
    • Very Easy To Use

    Check out the demo:

    Username: [email protected]

    Password: fed@demo

    Note: The mail sending feature is disabled at this moment, but you can see all the features available on the platform. You can join us for the live demonstration. Our team will test with you and explain each and every feature.


What we will need from you for this bulk mailing solution?

Domain + VPS (Virtual Private Server)

We will need one .com domain ($10/year) and a VPS server ($5/month) for creating an SMTP server.

You can share domain and VPS login details with us so that we can set up an SMTP server for you to send bulk emails.

You can buy a domain from GoDaddy or any similar provider, and you can buy the VPS from or any similar VPS provider.

Please make sure that the VPS provider allows you to send emails (STMP ports 25/587/465 should be enabled), don't use a VPS where STMP ports are disabled, such as Digital Ocean or AWS EC2 instances.

This is a free bulk mailing solution hence your speed limit will be 50 emails/hour.

If you want you can upgrade to our Premium Service, you will get the following benefits.

  • 4xSpeed (200 emails/hour)
  • HTTPS enabled cloud mailing portal
  • IP/Domain replacement service (in case of IP/domain blacklisting)
  • Priority Support

It will cost you $29/month and you can start your subscription with the help of the following payment link.

Kindly Note:  You need to buy the VPS, and Domain separately even with the premium service.

Let us know if you will need any help in this regard, we will be glad to assist you.

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Q. Is this solution is really free?
A. Yes, you read it correctly, this bulk mailing solution is really free and you can send bulk emails from your in-house bulk mailing solution.
Q. How many bulk mailing solutions I can set up?
A. You can get only one bulk mailing solution free of cost.
Q. Can I upload my own contact and email templates and how many?
A. Yes absolutely!!. You can upload your own contact lists via CSV upload and you will be able to create nice HTML templates with our drag & drop builder. There is no limit on the number of contacts, lists, templates, campaigns, or reports.
Free item

Send unlimited emails without any restrictions. No more huge monthly cost, and no more monthly plans based on your subscribers.

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